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College Name Conduct and Discipline





St. Joseph’s College expects that the behavior of its students within and outside the College campus will be in conformity with the highest standards of morality and discipline. Students will respect the rights and privileges of the members of the College community at all times and will conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the reputation of the College and its programs.
The College has a Student Code of Conduct (key clauses of which are given below). All students must abide by the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct also includes disciplinary procedures. Students not abiding by the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary procedures. These procedures range from writing promissory notes to counseling the student to expulsion from the College


  1. General Conduct:

    1. College Timings are 8: 15am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday. College is closed on Saturday and Sunday (On occasion, students may be asked to come in on Saturdays). Students are expected to be punctual. The College gate closes at 8:15am and opens at 2:30pm. All students are expected to be in college during these timings. ONLY in case of emergencies may a gate pass be obtained from the College office.
    2. Students will be allowed to enter the College premises only on presentation of the College ID Card. Students are expected to wear their College ID card as long as they are in the College premises.
    3. All students shall wear the prescribed uniform as long as they are in the College premises. They must also wear the College Uniform and their College ID cards when representing the College at various events and activities.
    4. On some occasions students are allowed to come in casual dress. On such occasions they are expected to dress in a simple, decent and appropriate manner.
    5. Due to parents concerns for the security of their children/wards, students are being allowed to bring their mobile phones to the College. However, they must ensure they are not used for any purpose whatsoever in the classrooms, laboratories, library and corridors of the College buildings. When using their phones on the grounds of the campus they must ensure that academic activities or College discipline are not disturbed. They must also ensure that their phone is not used in any way to spread information, pictures, videos that may affect the reputation of any student, faculty or staff at the College or the College itself.
    6. Students will ensure that their actions do not in any way threaten or endanger the health, safety or security of other persons, their properties or the property of the College.
    7. Students shall not engage in, assist, associate with, or promote any kind of activities which is subversive of discipline and/or brings the College into disrepute.
    8. Students shall not conduct or participate in any political activity on campus.
    9. Students shall not organize or participate in demonstrations, rallies or picketing on campus.



  2. Academic Conduct:

  3. All students will diligently apply themselves to their registered program of study. They are expected to pursue and meet the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity.

    1. Students are required to be in College everyday and attend all their scheduled classes theory and practicals as specified for each subject within the program of study for which they have been registered. Absences are permissible, only in case of illness or emergencies. These have to be approved by the Principal. Approval is contingent upon evidence provided. Students must inform the Principal in writing within three days of not attending College the reason for their absence. Failure to do so over a month will result in the students name being struck off the College rolls.
    2. The minimum attendance requirement, both at the Board and University, is 75% for each subject (Please note the 75% attendance does not include leave even for medical purposes). Failure to meet the attendance requirement will result in denial of enrolment with the Board/University and/or denial of submission of examination forms to Board/University and/or with holding of admit card to Board/University examinations.
    3. Students shall attend all academic related activities such as field visits, seminars, workshops, internships etc., in accordance with the attendance requirements of the College with regard to each program of study.
    4. Assessment is an essential part of the learning process and a vital means of checking students' understanding of a subject in a program of study. Students are assessed through assignments, presentations, projects, tests and examinations. The assignments submitted for assessment, therefore, must be a student's own work. This does not mean that students may not make use of the work of others. While quoting or paraphrasing material from other sources, they must be acknowledged in full . It is mandatory for students to sit for the various tests and examinations conducted by the College. Cheating and helping others to cheat in tests and examinations will automatically lead to a fail grade.


  4. Disciplinary Offences:

  5. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of the Code of Conduct, the following conduct by students will constitute a disciplinary offence:

    1. Repeated failure to attend scheduled classes, practical work, tests and examinations, or other field-based assignments and/or coercing other students to act likewise
    2. Assault, molestation or harassment of students, staff, faculty, or other clients, within or outside the college through conventional and electronic means.
    3. Any form of unauthorized picketing, rallies, demonstrations or organized obstructions of any College function in any manner whatsoever.
    4. Any attempt to design or effect any plan of whatever nature whose object or consequence is to disrupt academic programs of the College or its operations.
    5. Malicious acts, theft or attempted theft, willful damage or misuse of College property or property that belongs to other people at the college.
    6. Smoking in the college.
    7. Cheating, collusion, plagiarism and or use of unfair means in various assignments, examinations or any other academic work.
    8. Procurement, possession, use, sale and display of any weapon including firearms, banned drugs, alcohol or other contraband items on the college campus and at college functions/events.
    9. An act of violence causing injury or damage to any person or property at the college.
    10. Raising funds, accepting donations or engaging in similar activities for and on behalf of the College without a prior written approval of the Principal or her nominee.
    11. Any form or use of intimidation, insult, abusive language, unruly behavior, disrespectful attitude with students, faculty, staff, or clients, within or outside the College.
    12. Providing wrong information, giving false and/or fabricated evidence, deliberately concealing material facts or information to the College in any proceedings and inquiries carried out at any forum by the College.
    13. Committing or involvement in any act of deceit, fraud, forgery with the College, students, staff and faculty.
    14. An act prohibited and/or not permitted under any law of Pakistan.
    15. Assisting, facilitating, encouraging, and provoking any of the offences referred to in clauses a to n.
    16. Any act in violation, contravention or disregard to this Code of Conduct.


  6. Disciplinary Actions:

  7. In case of a disciplinary offence, the College will impose any one or more of the disciplinary actions given below, depending on the severity of the offence:
    1. Written apology and/or promissory note.
    2. Written apology and/or promissory note countersigned by parents.
    3. Counseling of the student.
    4. Probation for a specified period of time with mandatory periodic counseling.
    5. A letter of warning or reprimand to the student.
    6. Detention after College hours or on Saturdays.
    7. Confiscation of property misused.
    8. The payment of a fine by the offender commensurate with the nature and gravity of the offence committed.
    9. Suspension from the College for a specified period.
    10. Denial of enrollment for or admit card to an examination.
    11. Expulsion from the College.
    12. Any other penalty which the relevant authority/body of the College may deem fit to impose.


  • The Uniform consists of a white shalwar kameez with white or black shoes. Kameez: A white, knee length kameez with tennis collar, sleeves with cuffs, 2" below the elbow and a pocket on the left with the College monogram. Shalwar: A white shalwar, not too tight or too loose at the ankles. Dupatta: White. Footwear: Black or white tennis shoes. Cardigan: Navy blue with buttons down the front.
  • Rules may change during the academic year. Once students have been informed of the change, the new rule will apply


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  • Dear Students from 19-Aug-2019 college closing timings will be reverted back to 2:00PM. Please inform those picking you up.

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